The Dynamic Herd of Pedigree Dexter Cattle

Dexter Beef

Dexter beef is of renowned quality, having the texture and taste of beef "as it used to be".  Dexter beef is a premium product of limited availability.  Look for membership of the Dexter Beef Certification Scheme to guarantee that you are purchasing pedigree Dexter beef of known provinence.

"Just wanted to write to say how much we enjoyed the sirloin on the bone. Our eldest Henry is home from University and it is his Birthday and Patrick's the next day - so a great excuse to cook that fine joint. We followed the Hugh F-W recipe out of his meat book and we all agreed it was one of the tastiest and best piece of beef we have ever eaten- and we do eat lots of good meat.  That will be on our order list next time."

Dexter Beef Certification Scheme


We are proud to be members of the Dexter Cattle Society and their Dexter Beef Certification Scheme.  All beef sold by us is guaranteed to be from pedigree Dexter cattle and is fully traceable.  All our meat is identified with the ear tag number of the animal from which it came and, should you wish to know, we can tell you its sex, date of birth, date of slaughter, parentage and much more.


"Just to say we had the rump steaks last night and they were simply excellent. I will be popping in for more!! Thank very much."


In terms of both animal welfare and quality of meat it is important to us that the animal is under as little stress as possible at the time of slaughter.

Our preference would be to utilise “home kill” where the animal is shot by a trained marksman whilst still in the environment in which it has lived.  A decision made by our frineds in Brussels no longer allows us to do this.  Instead we work with small, family owned local abattoirs chosen to maximise welfare standards and minimise journey times.  We like to take two animals at a time to the abattoir so that no animal is on its own until the very last minute.



The process of hanging beef has a certain mystery about it, comparable to the ageing of a fine wine or maturing of a good cheese.  Well hung beef is more tender and of fuller flavour.  To be suitable for hanging a carcass must be of suitable quality with adequate fat coverage.  Our beef is dry hung on the bone for at least 21 days. 

Hanging adds to our costs – the meat shrinks meaning that we have less to sell and our capital is tied up for longer – but is an essential part of delivering premium quality.

Beware of misleading terms such as “aged” or “matured”.  These may merely mean that the butchered meat has sat around in a vacuum pack.


Further Reading

To learn more about what lies behind quality meat  (and also some of the more dubious practices of the supermarkets and industrial farmers) The River Cottage Meat Book by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is highly recommended reading.